Professional Deck and Patio Services

Just as you need to regularly maintain your car to prevent breakdowns, you need to ensure that your decks and patios are routinely protected from the elements to thwart rotting and splintering. Call our team of dedicated professionals, and see how we can restore dull wood, power wash away dirt and grime, and seal your deck for a flawless finish.

Even if your deck or patio seems too far gone, let our experienced techs employ tried-and-true methods for restoring even the most damaged, unsightly wood.

Protect your outdoor space

Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs later. Plus, it makes it easier to make changes when the mood strikes. If you’ve recently installed a new deck or patio, call today to learn about how sealing and staining it can protect your investment.

Specializing in:

• Power washing

 • Sealing and finishing

 • Staining

 • Restoration

 • Painting

 • Concrete sealing

Give your space a makeover

Now that your patio or deck is protected and looking good, turn your focus to the driveway, walkways and siding of your home. Are they grimy and in need of cleaning? You can have neat, clean surfaces when you take advantage of our power washing expertise.